Guidebook of Searching Clothes

There are two ways to find the items easily

1. Wishlist

    Add your favorite styles to wishlist(Heart button) when browsing the website. Heart button is on Collection page,Product page and Header

2.Search keywords

   If you want to find RTS styles, search "keywords RTS" can find all ready to ship styles(like Christmas rts), "keywords promotion" can find all promotion styles.(Like Christmas promotion)

   For example:We need to find all girls dog Christmas pajamas, we can search christmas pajamas rts glp,Need put the sku at the end of keywords,otherwise can't find them.

Here are some keywords

   1.SKU keywords(abbreviation of each catalog)

GLP=girls long sleeves pants outfits

GSPO=girls short sleeves pants outfits

GSSO=girls short sleeves shorts outfits

GBO=bummies outfits

BLP=boys long sleeves pants outfits

BSPO=boys short sleeves pants outfits

BSSO=boys short sleeves shorts outfits

GLD=girls long sleeves dress

GSD=girls short sleeves dress

GLK=girls skirt

GT=girls top

BT= boys top

LR=long sleeves romper,jumpsuit

SR=short sleeves romper,jumpsuit



S= swimsuit